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Have some genuine pain of memory. Who do/did you ship my characters with? ;-;
4 deviants said Taren (confirmed deceased)
4 deviants said Let the pain games begin.
1 deviant said Wanda (confirmed deceased)
1 deviant said Pisciz (status unknown)
No deviants said Kite (confirmed alive)
[ Adoptable ] Anthro Feline + Outfit #1 :EDIT: by Hollyseven
[ Adoptable ] Anthro Feline + Outfit #1 :EDIT:

> Do not use, trace, heavily reference or copy. There has been thievery concerning my art before and if such a thing is brought to my attention, ALL necessary courses of action will be taken without hesitation.

> Do not send the points until I give you the okay to ;u;

> Do NOT re-sell unless asking for my EXPLICIT permission before. If you wish to re-sell an adopt of mine that you bought you will have to note me and await my reply note before doing anything, please. And if I tell you no, then please respect my decision.

> Credit me the first time you include the character, preferrably their ref sheet if they're getting one c:

> Have fun <3

Price: 500 :points:

Status: OPEN


Artwork, Base & Character until bought Hollydopts / Hollyseven

Any kind of copyright infringement will be pursued without hesitation.
Or: The Departure of Kite and Pisciz.
She had planned this for a few days, though the initial desire to do it had been there for oh so much longer. Moons even. If not seasons.
She had never truly belonged here.
Despite the radiant Pink-Orange of the circle on her eye she had never found herself at home with the cats who shared with her that trait.

Looking at the situation now made the thought cross her mind that she had never once intended to stay.
Maybe the longing to leave this place behind had always been on her subconscious mind, since long before the sudden change of tides had made it worse, urgent enough in the face of danger to haunt her every second, awake or asleep.
Until she couldn't bear it.

She was, of course, a coward to do this. To leave behind the only cat she'd kind of been friends with.
No, she couldn't think of Palette right this moment. Of course the head smith had known for a long time now that Kite hadn't been wanting to spend the rest of her life with the Tribes. They'd never been all that close, but she knew Palette cared about her; needless to say they were friends of sorts, and the young she-cat knew her mentor would be sad to watch her leave. To make it easier once the moment approached, Kite had told her a long time ago, when there'd been no more than the idea that this wasn't the life she wanted to lead. That she'd go one day. And then, just before Sunrise, she'd bid her final goodbye. Oh, the hurt – it hadn't been supposed to hurt at all.

But now it's too late, she thought to herself as she stepped across the Fire Tribe border into the Neutral Territories, feeling a prickling sensation upon her left eye that told her she was once again marked Black as free.

F r e e .

She'd go West this time. Never again would Kite risk running into the Gang again.
Not Kite.


( Please make sure to check the description )
[ TGB ] The Graveyard near the House
Points split, if possible. I'd like to bid them both a few good-bye points~

The other day when we were walking by the graveyard near the house you asked me if I thought
Would ever die. And if life and love both fade so predictably, we've made ourselves a kind of predictable lie.
So I pictured us like corpses lying side by side in pieces in some dark and lonely plot under a bough. We looked so silly
There all decomposed, half turned to dust in tattered clothes, though we probably look just as silly now.

Bye, bye, bye, all this dog-eared innocence. I can't pretend that I can tell you what is going to happen next or how to be.
But you have no idea about me. Do you?

It left me to wonder if people ever know each other or just stumble around like strangers in the dark. Because sometimes
You seem so strange to me, I must seem strange to you. We're like two actors playing two parts. Did you memorize your lines? 'Cause
I did. Here's the part where I get so mad. I tell you that I can't forget the past. You get so quiet now
And you seem somehow like a lost and lonely child and you just hope that the moment won't last.

Bye, bye, bye all this dogged innocence. I can't pretend that I can tell you what is going to happen next or how to be.
But you have no idea about me. Do you?

Still, there's always a way around. There's something tying our feet to the ground.
A moment passed, we hear how it sounds. And it seems a little less profound, like we're all
Going the same way down.

I'm just trying to write it all down.

I write songs, and you write letters. We are tied like two in tethers, and we talk and read and laugh and sleep at night in
Bed together. And you wake in tears sometimes, I can see the thoughts flash across your eyes.
They say, “Darling will you be kind? Will you be a good man and stay behind if I get old?”

Then the letters all flash through my head, with the words that I was told about the fading flesh of life and love,
The failures of the bold. I can list each crippling fear like I'm reading from a will.

And I'll defy every one and love you still. I will carry you with me up every hill. And if you die before I die,
I'll carve your name out of the sky. I'll fall asleep with your memory and dream of where you lie.

It may be better to move on and to let life just carry on and I may be wrong. Still I'll try.

Because it's better to love whether you win or lose or die. It's better to love and I will love you until I die.

Alternative Title: The departure of Kite (and Pisciz) and the destruction of all hopes for TGB to be a happy place ever.

Yeah okay, so basically this has been coming for a long time. Also, IMPORTANT: This is a duo-departure. Kite isn't going alone, on her way through the Neutral Lands she meets Pisciz, who makes an attempt to stop her. After her explaining her situation to him he in fact decides to go with her for his own reasons.

Basically Pisc's life has been shit and that's mostly my fault because I haven't rped him enough for him to get the chance to heal. So it's all just been stacking and stacking, and now, logically, in-character, he would be pretty much finished. Never should you ever put an emotionally fragile character in TGB I swear. So in order for him to not go into that hole that he couldn't be pulled out of, additional to my own hiatus and, therefore, lack of dedication that he'd well deserve...

There was the option of killing him off, but I'd rather not do that, actually. Taren will already have to leave by dying someday because it's the only way for him as a character, so I wanted to save my other two if I could. At this point Pisc struggles with feeling worthless and no longer having any justification for his existence (his words), and thus he's going with Kite - not to flee but to find the origin of the GBs. There you see his C'ialiak spirit shining through, actually. He's off to right a wrong he feels he's done, to be a hero, to earn a purpose once more.

Whether he lives or dies, no one will know unless he happens to return one day. Don't rely on that, though.

So yeah. I'm sorry.
*should just spam everyone with depressing and incredibly poetic statuses that seem to be about life and death and then people figure out TGB*
[ TGB ] But you need to lower your Standards by Hollyseven
[ TGB ] But you need to lower your Standards
'cause it's never getting any better than this.


Random title is random. This is my assignment (extension provided and met). It's not very fancy... well. I'm still on hiatus btw, for those of you wondering ;^;

NOT my DeviantART Story!

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