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June 21, 2013
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TGB: Taren Reference Sheet ( Green-Earth ) by Hollyseven TGB: Taren Reference Sheet ( Green-Earth ) by Hollyseven


Name: Taren ( TAE – run )

> Nicknames - Ren ( by Saoirse, although Taren never knew of this )

> Kit Name - Heron

Age: 24 moons ( 2 season cycles + 0 moons )

Sex: male ♂


Appearance: [ Breed | Summary | Coloration Breakdown | Notable Features | Scars / Disabilities ]

> Breed - 40 % Manx | 25 % Highlander | 20 % Snowshoe | 15 % Australian Mist

> Summary - One of the first things to catch one’s eye upon one’s gaze meeting Taren’s frame are his wide shoulders and muscular build – although he is not particularly tall it’s not uncommon for his appearance to at first look intimidating, especially to smaller cats. However, his well-muscled physique also makes it harder for him to move quickly, although his legs are surprisingly long considering the rest of his build. Despite not being the tallest of cats he still struggles to e.g. squeeze through narrow spaces or reach places that other cats of his body size might’ve easily gotten to, due to his broad frame. Taren’s face isn’t as wide from side to side as it looks, what creates the illusion of such is the fluffy fur along his cheeks which usually stands off untidily. Other than that, his ears are notably large and rounded, the insides of these as well as his nose being of a bright pink coloration. His eyes are of average size and amber color.

> Coloration Breakdown - Taren’s base color is a soft mix of gray and brown that covers parts of his body, while his back, tail, head and legs up to the joints are of a slightly darker tone. The darkest of which is to be found as a slim line along his spine, as well as the upper side of his tail, his ears and lower face. Additionally, the back of his neck is dark brown as well, a color that fades out towards his throat and upper chest area.
Below his tail and belly up to the lower chest Taren sports a creamy coloration, which can also be found on his back legs (a line continuing from below his tail and widening to below the joints cover his hind legs completely) as well as on his upper eye lids. From there soft creamy stripes lead to the sides of his head and thin out towards the back.

> Notable Features - (Please make sure to include when visually portraying)

> Curved-back, rounded ears

> Bright amber eyes

> Crooked whiskers

> Scars / Disabilities -

> One large scar runs along the left side of his neck, starting off on the back and curving over to just above his shoulder, where it ends in a slight diamond shape. This scar was gained during the caiman battle, where he protected a Green-Light who was attempting to focus in order to fend off one of the beasts. He never found out the Poisoner’s name after that.

> Taren gained his first set of scars in a border squirmish, where he and Sylvani got themselves into a fight with s Shadow Tribe patrol. During this fight, the Yellow-Shadow Sojir left three vertical claw marks on Taren’s left cheek.

Fighting Details: [ Technique | Stats | Experience ]

> Technique - While Taren is not a cat easy to provoke, it does take either a lot of poking, or a low amount of very well-placed words to get him ready to physically fight. If he does, however, he doesn’t rely on his powers, due to the fact that he’s still really bad at using those. Taren usually fights facing his enemy frontally, and tends to take a lot of blows himself, because he isn’t one to dodge a lot, however he generally doesn’t find it very hard to place a decent amount of those on his opponent, either. If necessary, he is capable of taking on two enemies at once, however has never been able to beat those, he merely manages to hold them off for a limited amount of time without losing footing himself.

> Stats -

> Strength – 8 / 10

> Speed – 4 / 10

> Agility – 3 / 10

> Intelligence / Logical Thinking – 5 / 10

> Power Use – 2 / 10

> Temper – 3 / 10

> Endurance – 8 / 10

> Confidence – 9 / 10

> Experience - Taren has gained most of his experience regarding battle shortly after his mother’s death, when he was forced to spend a few moons living on his own before he ended up joining Earth Tribe upon the caiman invasion. He’s made sure to keep up to date regarding training, however has lost some of his condition as of late, due to lack of having to constantly defend himself and not having an apprentice of his own at the moment.


Tribe: Earth Tribe

Rank: Green-Earth

Ability: ( Earth | Secondary | Strength )

Skills: [ Move A Rock | Push Back | Pushing Boulders 1 | Pushing Boulders 2 | Picking On Me? | Pushing Boulders 3 | Cracking Wood | Cracking Stone | Hard Head ]

> Move A Rock - You manage to move a rock half your size! All by yourself!

> Push Back - You can shove back or overwhelm any cat of any size much easier than normal.

> Pushing Boulders 1 - You can push a boulder of your own size.

> Pushing Boulders 2 - You can push a boulder twice your own size.

> Picking On Me? - Your hearing ability increased, now nobody will dare badmouth you!

> Pushing Boulders 3 - You can push a boulder thrice your own size.

> Cracking Wood - You can crack wood beneath your bare paws!

> Cracking Stone - You can crack stone beneath your bare paws!

> Hard Head - No matter what hits your head, it won't damage your skull!

Total Skill Count: Taren currently possesses nine skills. ( Age: 4 | Levels: 4 | Extra Power-Up: 1 )

Signature Move: N/A

Profession: Warrior

Mate: N/A

Soulbond: N/A

Mentor: [ Current | Prior ]

> Current - N/A

> Prior - N/A

Apprentice: [ Current | Prior ]

> Current - N/A

> Prior - N/A


Apparent Personality: [ brave | protective | loyal | level-headed | flirtatious | bold | narcissistic | judgemental | mischievous ]

> ( + ) brave - For those who mean something to him or for his Tribe, sometimes even for cats who are weaker than him even if he doesn’t particularly know them, Taren is willing to sacrifice anything. While he is normally not one to start a fight, he’s very well aware that his extremely bold nature tends to provoke some certain types of felines to do so on their behalf. Should this be the case Taren will not hesitate to fight back, neither so if any cat important to him find themselves facing some sort of danger. Of course he isn’t fearless, by far not, but he learned to keep that fear shut inside and not allow it to get the best of him, just the same as he deals with his insecurities. While this bravery is certainly a positive aspect of his identity, it also results in the Green-Earth sometimes being overly eager to take over a fight if it is to protect someone who, e.g., would have been capable of doing so themselves. The only reason Taren doesn’t sport many more scars than the amount he does today is that his thick fur tends to hide his scratches so well…
> not afraid of battle
> willing to sacrifice a lot for certain cats
> over-confident

> ( + ) loyal - Taren’s undying loyalty and his loathe for those who don’t share it is one of those engines that always allow him to keep going. Even through grief of losing a dear friend, the remaining loyalty towards his Tribe and those friends who have stayed behind with him will always hold his head up at least enough to keep moving. There’s nothing that the Green-Earth wouldn’t be perfectly willing to do for his dear ones or his Tribe, which ties closely with his bravery and over-confidence that goes hand in hand with the former. On the other hand tieing in with his deep-down insecurity, he desperately thrives to prove himself to those he got close to, and to Earth Tribe. Those cats who dare leave theirs to become rogues are, in his opinion, worse off than dead – there is never a single feline who’s more important to Taren than the entirety of his new family, and leaving that family behind for the sake of oneself or just a smaller amount of cats… Letting them down, letting anyone down who you’ve sworn your loyalty to? To Taren that is just one of the most loathable actions that could ever be taken.
> thrives to prove himself
> loathes traitors more than anything
> ready to give his life for these cats

> ( + ) level-headed - Although he wouldn’t dive away from a fight, Taren isn’t a cat to be provoked easily. While he very much enjoys aggravating other cats around him Taren generally doesn’t react to such treatment himself, except for if one of those he’s sworn his loyalty to is in question. Unless that is the case Taren generally has his mind clear and manages to remain as calm as can be in several stressful situations. This also counts for times in which he’s confronted with a sudden issue that he hasn’t met before. Using both his level head and his bravery Taren will stand through most confrontations at least semi-capable of handling things. If you asked him, this is a trait that’d make him an excellent leader. (Of course, if you ask him, anything about him would make an excellent leader…)
> hard to provoke, except for if it’s about his Tribe or friends
> manages unknown situations well, flexible

> ( - ) bold - Taren is a cat who would never hold back his tongue in any situation if it’s only because someone else could get hurt from his words – the only occasion he’d ever quit teasing and poking is towards a cat who earned his heart, be it either a special someone or a very close friend or a cat who earned his deepest of respect, which is certainly hard to manage. Towards anyone else Taren speaks his mind and exactly his mind the moment he thinks of something that seems capable of being let out. He’s not talkative, he’s simply not careful, or tactful. Or full of anything, except for himself. Others’ possible reactions to his words or whether he might hurt feelings with them are not even considered beforehand. It’s this rough carelessness that tends to get him into most of his verbal or physical fights, and one of the topmost reasons as to why other felines don’t enjoy his company. He might hold back though when it comes to a pretty female, or another cat who he really doesn’t want to scare away – they don’t make him tactful, but at least a little bit considerate. However about ninety per cent of cats who meet Taren will have to deal with his recklessness on this matter.
> speaks his mind regardless of possible consequences
> no sense of tact or care, with very few exceptions
> reckless

> ( - ) narcissistic - If one hasn’t noticed before, to Taren everything circles around him – the entire world, so to speak. While his loyalty decides his actions and he’s willing to sacrifice himself for what he considers a good cause, his narcissism decides his every thought. Most of the time Taren’s mind draws circles around questions or facts involving himself, he’ll compare others to himself and come to the conclusion that they’re not half as good ( which can be read further on in the judgemental section ). This narcissism must not be mistaken for selfishness, it merely determines that Taren’s every fiber is radiating »I am superior«, and due to his bold nature he doesn’t mind too much letting others know of this opinion that he has of himself, either.
> his thoughts circle mostly around himself
> narcissism does not equal selfishness
> thinks of himself as superior and doesn’t mind expressing this opinion aloud

> ( - ) judgemental - It’s an inevitable consequence of Taren thinking of himself as better than everyone else – he thinks of everyone else as less than himself, especially of other toms. Around she-cats he wouldn’t dare voice this, considering he treats males completely different than females anyway, but deep inside there’s not rarely this inner beast of his that compares them to himself and ends up judging them as not good enough. Less important. Another confirmation of his narcissism. Taren has an inner list of cats’ worth, which would be something like Taren > Earth Tribe females whom he likes > Earth Tribe males whom he likes > Earth Tribe females whom he doesn’t like > Earth Tribe males whom he doesn’t like > Other Tribe females whom he likes > Other Tribe males whom he likes > Other Tribe females whom he doesn’t like > Other Tribe males whom he doesn’t like > Exiles / Rogues / Loners. The lower a cat is to be found within that scale of his the more they’ll realize that they are low, due to Taren’s reckless way of voicing his opinions, especially if it’s a negative one. In addition to his judgemental nature, the Green-Earth is also very hard to convince of the opposite – because he of course values his own opinion most he finds it very tough to allow anothers’ to replace that, which makes him prone to holding grudges for a very long time.
> thinks of others as generally worth less than himself
> has an inner scale of »importance levels of cats«
> holds grudges for a long time

> ( = ) protective - This trait ties in very closely with Taren’s fierce loyalty as well as his (over-)confident bravery – when it comes to cats he’s confirmed loyalty to or who are emotionally close to him in any way, he will die for them if he must. However, his protectiveness also counts for cats whom he generally deems less capable of self-defense than himself, meaning that if he were to stumble upon a kit, even if it’s a male from another Tribe whom he doesn’t like much, he’ll feel responsible of sorts and at least do his best to make sure someone else takes care of them. However, this immense feeling of responsibility for anyone not as strong as himself (which doesn’t mean he respects them or finds them worthy of any more attention or honor, it just means that he thinks of himself as more powerful and therefore wants to protect the weaker) also brings with it a certain level of clingyness and jealousy, at least when it comes to those whom he is protective over for personal or emotional reasons ( see more below ). Also, it has to be said that this initiative isn’t just there for noble reasons, partially Taren merely protects those weaker than himself because it makes him feel even more like a hero, and because he hopes other cats will see who will then think of him as one, as well.
> feels responsible for protecting those weaker
> not to be confused with nobility – Taren mostly feels good about showing off his strength

> ( = ) mischievous - It has to be said, Taren isn’t just bold because he can’t do any better. He actually does enjoy provoking other cats, he enjoys their reaction, and he enjoys any kind of attention, sucking it up right to his core, even if it’s purely negative. The Green-Earth isn’t quite as mature as an adult should probably be, for he still loves spending his time with pranks, with scaring cats off using terrifying stories (that are usually completely untrue) or by making them jump. It’s the only part of his youth that he’s kept until this very day without any tinge of maturity coming to it – however, this aspect of Taren is usually only seen when he’s relaxed. Whenever there’s a tense situation ongoing, e.g. back around the time of the caiman war, he held back a little with this one. So basically, whenever one can see Taren’s mischievous side they can be sure that he’s not feeling too down at that point.
> enjoys provoking and teasing
> his only trait left from youth without maturing out of it
> holds back on this a lot when stressed

> ( = ) flirtatious - A gorgeous female, to Taren, is more than worthy tho be made exceptions for regarding his bold nature and the mischief he shows towards other cats. He doesn’t just generally treat them a little softer but he is actually quite bold of a flirt – being a cat who doesn’t have any issue speaking his mind he does sometimes allow himself to actually go to some extremes with his flirtatious nature – the level of flirting that he offers to a female is a secure indicator for what he feels for them: a she-cat whom he finds extremely intriguing physically, or a crush, would be treated excessively flirty, while any good-looking she-cat he comes across would only be greeted by a very charming and slightly flirtatious attitude. The only females whom he wouldn’t flirt with at all are those he finds not worthy, those he doesn’t like, and those he really, really likes. At some point a border inside him is overstepped and something blocks and he just can’t go further and instead quits flirting altogether. So girl, if he doesn’t flirt with you zero he either thinks you’re ugly, or he’s seriously into you and finds himself almost… awkward around you! Or he’s seriously into someone else, because Taren’s an extremely monogamous male, even though his attitude implies the opposite. Once he’s found someone, no one else will matter.
> flirts with pretty much everything that moves, but mostly females
> level of flirtiness can help determine what he thinks of a she-cat, he’s an open book on that matter

Hidden Personality: [ insecure | clingy / possessive / jealous | affectionate ]

> ( + ) affectionate - Although rarely ever revealed to any cat Taren does have a soft spot – however he considers such a thing a weakness, and therefore tends to tell every cat otherwise, including himself. If he gets emotionally very close to a feline though he tends to open up a bit more, let go of a tiny part of his sour attitude and let a little more affection shine through. Taren’s not a terrible friend, no matter how much he may be considered one by those who he’s never actually been nice to. He can do it, if he wants to.
> actually capable of being nice, to those he wants to be nice to
> rarely a cat wins him over enough to get this treatment

> ( - ) clingy / possessive / jealous - Resulting from his strong urge to protect those who are important to him, as well as his absolute loyalty Taren has developed a certain level of clingyness, possessiveness and jealousy. If he feels responsible for a cat he’s terrified of letting them go out alone, where he might not be able to help them should they stumble upon danger of any kind. Taren unfortunately also tends to not think of those he considers ‘under his wing’ as capable of taking care of themselves anyway; he even tends to speak for them at some points without being asked to. This can lead to quite the complications within any sort of bond between two felines, even if he doesn’t exactly mean it in a bad way. The third aspect of this trait is the fact that while he’s completely and undoubtably loyal himself he also expects the exact same of any other cat he is close to, e.g. he expects for those he considers his closest friends to consider him their closest friend as well.
> expects his close ones to be 100% loyal to him
> treats those he feels close to like children
> terrified of losing them

> ( - ) insecure - By far not the first word one would instantly associate with Taren would be insecurity; however, this one is to some degree the root of his entire being. Taren’s loyalty and drive to prove himself over and over again has grown from the fear of not being accepted as who he is; his narcissistic attitude has grown from himself despising his own weakness so much that he began telling himself how great he was, and eventually, with a growing self-confidence, started to actually believe all of it; his protectiveness and clingyness have grown from the immense fear of losing those who he feels close to. If one looks closely at Taren’s psyche they’ll find that most of his nowaday identity has flourished from his fears and his fear of being afraid, which is why he worked against all of his fears one by one, developing these traits from them. But it’s all still there, all of his insecurities, though he rarely shows it to any cat. Why would he? After all, he’s the best of them all. He doesn’t want to admit any weakness of his, and this one is unfortunately his greatest one.
> most of his personality is rooted in insecurity;
> drive to prove himself, narcissism, protectiveness, clingyness
> afraid of admitting his weaknesses


> Foreign females are always addressed using the word »ma’am«, especially so if they are pretty to look at.


> snakes

> weakness and fear itself

Trivial Facts:


Sexual Information: [ Orientation | Preferences | Status ]

> Orientation - Heteroromantic Bisexual ( Female preference ) Heterosexual

> Preferences -

> gray / silver fur

> out-of-the-norm eye colors

> confidence

> lean body build

> Status - Open

Relationship Tracker:

TGB: Taren's Heart Chart by Hollyseven

Trivia: [ Theme Song | Voice Actor ]

> Theme Song - Fall Out Boy – I Don’t Care

> Voice Actor - Matthew Gray Gubler


Family: [ Mother | Father | Siblings | Aunts | Uncles | Cousins | Nieces / Nephews | Offspring ]

> Mother - ??? ( Marlene ) | female ♀ | Black-Shadow | exile | NPC | Deceased

> Father - ??? ( Romec ) / ( Sinner ) | male ♂ | Gray-Light | exile | NPC | alive

> Siblings -

> Biological Father’s Daughter - ??? ( ??? ) | female ♀ | Black-Light | exile | KalinaChan / temporary NPC | alive, unknown

> Several unknown half-siblings, father’s side.

> Aunts - Unknown

> Uncles - Unknown

> Cousins - Unknown

> Nieces / Nephews - Unknown

> Offspring - N/A

Backstory: [ Before Birth | Childhood | Adolescence | Adulthood | Old Age | Death ]

> Chapter 1 | Sins | Before Birth
Let us begin to tell this tale at the very start, shall we? And as each of us know, at the beginning of every story that unfolds around the life of a creature, at every story’s begin stands… no, not birth. I want to dive a little further back yet…
Taren’s father was what was naturally called a player through and through. He had many, he spent time with many, and many fell for him and took a step in the direction of the Rest Of Their Lives with him by their side… and he stayed with none of them. Once he had enough, he moved on, with not a twitch of an eyelid, never paying great attention to the emotional devastation he left in his wake. There were those who sent tears after him, and then there were those who sent daggers.
Marlene was one of the latter. Just like many before her, although she was unaware of this fact, she had run into the charming tom named Romec, and like many before her she fell for his charms immediately. A player through and through. He knew what it was that there was to do in order to reach one’s goal.
After he’d left her behind, Marlene was destroyed, having not just opened her heart to him but rather thrown it at him full force… and instead of dropping it, he crushed it. The worst about all of it, though, or so Marlene thought at first, was the swollen belly that she kept as a reminder of this most bittersweet time of her life, and the daggers she threw after him were the names she called him. One of which being Sinner.

> Chapter 2 | Flames | Kithood
The exile’s litter consisted of one single kitten – which she was relieved for, after all she had no father to stand by her and help her raise her own little family, her unplanned little family. Her only son was tiny at birth, and except for her round, curved-back ears and some of her markings he looked like an exact copy of his father, possibly a tad lighter in color.
And at first, this exact fact was what led Marlene to stay away from him – sure she was his mother, and she knew that he needed milk. She gave him all he needed for pure survival, as her heart wouldn’t allow her to let him die in cold blood, but she gave him no more than that. And soon, this exact thing was what brought the young tom, still unnamed, and not having known ever what love was, to the edge of death. Sickly he had become, life drained out of him at the same rate that his mother’s affection and care was.
And one night, when his breath was shallow and his eyes were flicking open, those burning amber eyes that reminded Marlene so much of Sinner’s yellow ones, when his body was fragile and pressed into the autumn leaves next to her body, she saw the hint of her own dark orange in his eyes. He wasn’t just his father’s kit. Marlene’s gaze rested upon her son. And it did so all night, and when the morning came she had seen what she had done. For a growing child love meant just as much as his mother’s physical support did – and she vowed to herself to be the best mother she could be, to be not just his mom but also his best friend and the only one he’d need. She had something to make up for.
And so she did. In an attempt to distance herself from thinking of him as Sinner, she named him the first thing that came to her mind – Heron.
Things looped upward from then on for the little kit. Heron became stronger gradually, and by the time he reached six moons he was strong and healthy – the only cat he’d ever known was Marlene, for she didn’t let him out to play with anyone else. She wanted to be his everything, to make up for what she’d done.
And it was at this time when one night, when there was no moon that was shining overhead and everything was dark and silent, a tingle ran across his right shoulder. Only in the early morning he could see, and he gazed down at the spot and saw the dark gray marking that hadn’t been there before. That was actually the first time Marlene told her son of the six Tribes.
She told him about the Golden Butterfly war, when her own grandparents had been exiled alongside their parents. She told him about the life that she, her parents and her grandparents had been living here, up north, and the last thing she told him was the story of Aiolos who had first led exiles back home a few cycles ago.
Ironically it wasn’t long after this conversation, when Heron was about seven moons old, when the unbelievable happened – not they went to the Tribes, Marlene was far too suspicious of them. No, the Tribes came to them!

> Chapter 3 | Memories | Young Adolescence
When the crowd of foreign felines first arrived in the territories that had belonged to those rejected by said crowd for so many season cycles, everything changed in total. Some exiles took the chance to join them right away, as if they’d be waiting for this exact thing all their lives. After that, every few days cats would leave to join those who they’d been assigned to by the Spirits. Heron looked down upon them. What spine did a cat have who could just abandon their past lives, possibly even their family, to join a Tribe that some supposed divine power forced down their throat when they were little? While he did like the look of his own vine-like marking on his right shoulder, he certainly didn’t plan to go and join Earth Tribe. This was his life, and despite the fact that he had no friends for he’d only ever travelled with his mother, that one feline was pretty much all he had. And since she showed no fondness towards the approaching five (OOC: six, but they didn’t know about LT’s separation) Tribes either, why would he ever leave her for those who once upon a time rejected his ancestors and himself with them?

Heron and Marlene had to move on from their den eventually, when they found the Shadow Tribe claiming these territories – Marlene, despite sporting their tattoo herself, chose to avoid any interaction from the very beginning and left the spot without a single confrontation. However, the day they made their leave was not meant to end as a happy day after all. On the border of Shadow Tribe’s newfound territory, mother and son came across a snake that was resting on the trail sunning itself in the exceptionally warm spring weather. Mistaking it for a rare piece of prey Marlene attempted to catch it – and ended up getting bitten in the process as the snake got away.

It took only minutes until she was having trouble breathing. Her eyes pleaded Heron, to do something, anything. Go somewhere, anywhere. Not to grieve. The look in her gaze told him that she knew what was expecting her; and yet in a desperate attempt she sent him to the Shadow Tribe camp, for from the stories she’d heard she knew that there were healers at every Tribe’s camp. Or maybe she just wanted to have him gone somewhere so he wouldn’t have to watch. Heron didn’t care either way.

In blind terror, in horrid fear of losing the only cat in his life that mattered to him, he stumbled through the Tribe’s territory, tripping and falling. Slow as a snail due to his lack of focus. Arriving at camp he was devastated: no healers! The Silver-Shadow explained to the horrified young tom where they were to be found and sent out two Guards to escort him there; however on their way towards Light Tribe camp they of course passed by the Shadow Tribe border once more and, inevitably, the clearing where Marlene was laying. Motionlessly. Lifelessly. Heron hardly found the strength to send the Guards away. All he wanted now was loneliness, for the rest of his life. To never look up again. After all, what was there now? He’d only ever been close to his mother. He didn’t have friends, hardly even acquaintances.

So he went, to seek out loneliness. A nine moon-old Gray-Earth, with no ties, no one who mattered to him, but himself. Heron had found a new settling not so far away from what the Tribes called the Breathing Caldera, up north, as far away from past incidents as he could, trying to not care. And eventually, it helped. Within that time period of living alone, Heron vowed to himself by his life that he’d never be blinded by terror again, that the next time he were to get close to any cat he’d be there for them the moment they needed him most, that he’d sacrifice everything for them.

Three moons passed during which all Heron knew was survival and the beauty of being alone; a time when he learned to block out past mistakes, cling on to that promise of his own, and learn to love himself despite what happened before. Depression was a feeling that he didn’t allow, and the only company he had was himself – and he forced himself to be more than happy with that, until he ended up valuing himself as an individual even more than others, for all he’d seen of others so far had been brief, flat acquaintances and, of course, Marlene.

After those three moons, however, his little paradise of isolation was shattered in a billion little pieces, as the most horrifying creatures he’d ever stumbled upon raged across the Tribe territories – caimans were spreading all over the Northern Lands of Nandryx, tearing cats apart left and right. Killing. Leaving a trail of blood behind. Of course, Heron hardly noticed any of that up at the Breathing Caldera, all he did notice was how these ferocious beasts came to the den he’d made his own, he noticed how he only escaped ever so narrowly, and he noticed that he could no longer live this way if he was to survive, now that the monsters were loose. So there were two options: Give up and allow them to swallow him whole, or commit himself once more, allow himself to be loyal to someone else, and accept his heritage. While he wasn’t so sure about the spirits themselves, Heron had seen himself what those creatures could do; and the tattoo on his right shoulder proved clearly that he was meant to help them in one way or another. Whether he liked it or not, this special marking made him part of something that he’d denied for so long, due to rejection that had happened so many years prior. And he knew that even Marlene would have done the same thing under these dire circumstances.

And so he went, partially due to the selfish need for survival, and partially due to a mix of loneliness. But the strongest, the biggest and most important reason he had was: it was all that was left of his life, aside of life itself. Earth Tribe welcomed him and embraced him in their midst, and as he accepted his belonging, the vine-like tattoo that graced his right shoulder shed its lifeless grayscale and instead blossomed with a powerful mix of green and blue, marking him as not only an adolescent but also as one of them. Finally, for the first time in three months, Heron had something like a home, and something like a family.

No longer was he called by Heron, either, but instead the name he now took upon, as given to him by the Spirits and accepted by himself despite his lasting suspicion of them was Taren.

> Chapter 4 | Changes | RP History I
Upon joining his Tribe, everything changed in Taren’s life. As a cat who’d always been used to only one cat around him and during the latest moons had experienced just complete isolation, being in the middle of a huge group of cats such as the Tribes were was a true shock, although he soon got accustomed to it. Before long he found that he actually felt loyalty arise for these felines, who had been driven from their homes and now resided with Light Tribe at the Council of Spirits, and so he spent his first few moons mainly hunting and training his fighting abilities, in order to be of best serve to them – and soon found himself very intrigued with the idea of one day truly being the best. And the highest. For the first time in his life Taren had a goal, and said goal carried a Silver tattoo.

About a week after his joining he was approached by a tiny fluffy kitten, going by the name of Caspia, one of the kits of the Orange-Earth Shasta’s litter. Curious of the little bundle, Taren accepted some socializing with her and actually found out that she was quite fun to tease and scare out of her fur, but at the same time found her kind of adorable. He’d never before seen a kit, after all. So he offered to take her out and show her some of the nearby territory. Eventually he and Caspia established something like a very awkward friendship, considering the age gap and her pathetic, childish nature. Taren soon found himself shifting into a big brother kind of role, almost like a mentor to the little kit, and promised to himself that he would help raise this youngster, and make this his legacy to Earth Tribe, for he had no own apprentice and was dying to pass his awesomeness to a younger feline who could learn a lot from him.

Parallelly he happened to meet an Orange-Light just outside their currently-shared territory who introduced herself as Kalian. Strangely enough, Taren noticed quite the draw pulling him towards her, both physically and emotionally, and although they only ever met twice total he ended up heavily crushing on the extraordinarily beautiful female with her intriguing silvery-gray eyes, like iron and water and a stormy sky.

During his adolescence Taren also made the acquaintances of the Pink-Orange-Air Ryner and his fellow adolescent Tribemate Iris, whom he happened to first talk to by getting stuck in a cave by Water Tribe’s borders together, just North from Pheasant Woods.

While Taren’s social life was, although small, blooming to be so much more than he’d ever experienced in his life, the caiman troubles were rising. The Silver-Earth, Rey, had lost a life early on to a battle with the leading beasts, and the death count was slowly crawling higher and higher.

Shortly after the young tom’s tattoo color shifted from its Blue-Green color to a solid Green hue, identifying him as a full-grown adult, and also shortly after Caspia had received her tattoo, a pink Earth Tribe vine that allowed her to stay with her mother’s Tribe under the name of Sylvani, Taren made another, this time rather unpleasant, set of acquaintances. While he was taking his adopted student out to show her the borders of the Tribes that he’d made himself familiar with and stopped by the Shadow Tribe border, triggering a fit of melancholic feelings and reliving the loss of his mother, they came across a Shadow Tribe patrol who happened to assume they were trespassing. From the argument eventually grew a full-blown fight. Not long ago, an Orange-Fire had found her final call in Shadow Tribe’s fangs, or so had been rumors, and thus, when a Green-Shadow pulled Sylvani away with seemingly sinister intentions, Taren lunged for him. This battle involved the Air Tribers Orion and John, and the Green-Fire Cyrus who coincidentally came across the scenery, plus the Shadow Tribers Tule and Csilla, as well as the Yellow-Shadow Sojir herself, who, during the fight, unfortunately got a hold of Taren’s true name. At the end of the day Taren had earned himself his first set of scars, a number of scratches on his left cheek, right below his eye, as well as the knowledge that the Secondary-powered Yellow-Shadow, who now harboured a deep grudge against him, knew his Spirit-given name.

> Chapter 5 | Tears | RP History II - WIP




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Roleplay Sample:
[ Blue-Green-Earth || Taren || West of the Sink Hole ]

Pouring, constant, neverending wetness that didn’t appear to have any logical purpose except to make noise and cause a dark-hued tomcat’s thick pelt to get all wet and soaking. Flicking the drops from his rounded, curved back eartips, he took another step, and one more, orange-amber eyes narrowing against the still rather dark, early-morning breeze that carried raindrops on its tongue, passing them on to soak his fluffy cheek fur. With a hiss of annoyance, he shook his head, lowering it as he took a few more steps forward.
He could smell the dusty smell of the Sink Hole somewhere up there on the other side of that hill on his right, and the haze of Shadow Tribe coming from his left. He wasn’t even sure where exactly he was heading – well, at least he’d never admit where he knew he was heading.

His mother had died on Shadow Tribe’s border, their tattoo gracing her maw as she left this universe for another, that vicious grin of pointed teeth, outlined in dark gray…
That was when his loner time had truly begun, being on his own, without any guidance, direction or goal in what he wanted to do with his life. Simply watching the summer pass from somewhere near the Breathing Caldera and awaiting something. He couldn’t even tell what it had been that he’d been waiting for.
And then had arrived the caimans. Shivering beneath his thick pelt and not just from the soaking cold that was still dripping down from his belly fur, he remembered his first encounter with one, where he’d stayed put on a tree, awaiting for the ferocious beast to leave, and watching how it didn’t until the young tom had to make an escape over a tree route. That animal was more patient than he was.
His claws dug in the damp earth, pulling out dead sprout and masses of mud to cover his paws. Now, the only thing in his life he was committed to do was protect his Tribe from these monsters, what he cared about most and the only thing he’d be willing to die for – no other cat could reach his standards anyway, that wasn’t even questionable. But how he had watched an elder fall, how he had watched Rey himself fall once, one of nine times that he could, and being utterly helpless to change their fate.

Never again. He’d train harder, harder than any cat to become tougher than any cat, so that in the end he would be there to save his leader’s remaining lives, and to protect every other Tribe member from harm, although he didn’t know any of them personally except for that little gray she-kit, Caspia. It was truly embarrassing, considering his only friend in the Tribes was a kit.

Swaying away from the heavy smell of the Sink Hole the tom graced with the spirit-given name Taren breathed in the scent that welled from Shadow Tribe’s borders, now rather close to him. He still wasn’t ready to admit to himself that he was only out here to visit the place where Marlene had died, bitten by a poisonous snake… an animal Taren still avoided, hated and feared equally. He still told himself that he was here because here there was good prey, or at least to meet some Shadow Triber. Aside from Earth Tribe Shadow was the only Tribe that really interested him, mostly because of their powers. They could do so many things Taren would love to be able to do – and if he’d been Shadow Tribe marked from the beginning, his mother and he might have left for the Tribes earlier. Maybe then she wouldn’t have been there on that day, maybe she would still be alive, and maybe they’d be living peacefully side by side in Shadow Tribe camp, so close to where they’d stayed before the Tribes had arrived from their migration.

Casting a brief look down to his right shoulder that had begun to itch somewhat, Taren could get a glimpse of the soft mix of blue and green that formed the vine-like shape of Earth Tribe’s unique tattoo marking, and confidence once more filled his belly. Not that he’d ever admit it, but Earth Tribe was the only place he felt at home now. It wasn’t this strange place that was full of memories he actually didn’t want, now that he reconsidered it. And it wasn’t the Breathing Caldera either, despite having been his personal camp for almost three moons it was nothing like Earth Tribe. And although the Council of Spirits was only their temporary camp, until those caiman beasts had been fought off, he was convinced that he’d be happy in their actual camp, too.
He didn’t have a purpose here. And yet he didn’t feel like leaving yet.
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