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January 20, 2013
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TGB: Wanda Application Sheet ( Orange-Fire ) by Hollyseven TGB: Wanda Application Sheet ( Orange-Fire ) by Hollyseven


Information is under major construction.


{ Name } Wanda

{ Kit Nickname } Azure

{ Age } 1 season cycle and 6 moons ( 18 moons )

{ Birth Season } Winter

{ Gender } female ♀

{ Appearance } [ Breed | Accessories | Size | Body Type | Written Appearance | Disabilities / Scars ]

Breed || Snowshoe X European Shorthair

Accessories ||
• Wanda wears a ribbon kind of thing to keep her tail tied like a ponytail. It reminds of the native americans' way to keep their ponytails in place. Her ribbon is a mixture of bright golden and blue.

• Three piercings mark Wanda's right ear, one of them nothing more than a simple hole in her aurircle.

• Around her right forepaw she wears two bracelets, one of them some impure mix of gold and magnesium, the other one an unexplained mineral or gem that Haley once gave to her.

Size || Average

Body Type || Compact

Written Appearance || A still short, ( Wanda has now grown to an average size ) young she-cat with large ears and large blue eyes, her whiskers entirely white. Wanda's tail is long and fluffy, her general body more or less square instead of long, which makes her good at running long distances without tiring. She's not good at sprinting, though. Her markings are a dark gray-brown, the darkest almost black, while her chest and muzzle are colored in a brighter tinge of the base color. All four of her paws are entirely pure white. Her back is covered in a so-called 'mosaic spotting', in two tones of dark brown.

Disabilities / Scars || No scars yet. But Wanda has a disability she was born with. Wanda's color-blind, so her entire world is set in graytones. She can see outlines and shades as perfect as any cat, just no colors. Even though it's recently seen that on the eye her tattoo lies upon she can notice slight tinges when her tattoo is activated. It's unclear whether it's got anything to do with the activation itself.
When Wanda's tattoo is activated, she can see color on her left eye. Yet this also makes it harder and more easily tiring for her to keep her tattoo active over a long period of time. At the point she deactivates her tattoo, everything will be entirely black and white again.


{ Tribe } Fire Tribe

{ Rank } Orange-Fire

{ Ability } [ Fire | Secondary | Shield ]

{ Skills } [ Block the Pebble | Running over Lava | Small Shield | Anti Fireball | Medium Shield | Big Shield | Shielding | Throwing Shields | Guiding Protection | Smoke Screen ]

1.) Block the Pebble || You manage to block a pebble that attempts to hit you.

2.) Running over Lava || You can shield your four paws so you can run over even the hottest substances!

3.) Small Shield || Radius: 1 m^3

4.) Anti Fireball || Your shield can even take on fireballs!

5.) Medium Shield || Radius: 1.5 m^3

6.) Big Shield || Radius: 2 m^3

7.) Shielding || Radius: 2.5 m^3

8.) Throwing Shields || You can use your shield to shield somebody else or an object that is standing.

9.) Guiding Protection || Your shield can now shield moving objects or persons!

10.) Smoke Screen || You can use smoke in a very of ways, one of them as a screen to get the hell out and another one to blind or irritate your opponent. If you breathe in too much yourself however it can have consequences.

11.) Porcupine || You form the shield around you very spiky and you can protect yourself like a porcupine.

12.) Morningstar || Using a variation of the porcupine skill, you use it only on your tail and can hit your enemies with it to injure them..

13.) Area of Effect || You can protect an area the size of you camp and other secondary users can help with it, as it drains a lot of energy o keep it up. Every dent against the shield is like a hit to you.

{ Total Skill Count } Currently 8 [ Age : 4 | Lvling-up : 4 ]

{ Signature Move } None as of yet

{ Profession } Guard

{ Mate } None

{ Soulbond } None

{ Apprentice } [ Current | Prior ]

Current || Ruhn | Blue-Fire Guard Apprentice | =Frosted-Starlight

Prior || None


{ Personality } [ independant / self-centered | stubborn | tomboy / masculine | outgoing / quick-tempered | adventurous / energetic | curious / intrusive ]

independant / self-centered TBA

stubborn TBA

tomboy / masculine || Wanda grew up mainly among guys, so of course she picked up some of their behavior over the time, being the only she-kit in a litter of two brothers.
Wanda might play fight a little too roughly, isn't the she-cat to be hanging out with chatting and gossiping all day and she neither spends hours grooming in the morning, nor staring at the boys in a flirtatious way.
She does show the interest in boys her age, but she wouldn't let anyone see, nor focus on it.
Wanda prefers fun and adventure over a flawless coat, and those she-cats that spend hours and hours gossiping, or grooming she usually just thinks of as annoying teens who overstate things. Wanda doesn't have the worst of manners, but she keeps well away from exaggerating that topic too much.

outgoing / quick-tempered || Definitely Wanda's a cat to say her opinion without talking around the point, and doesn't exactly care too much about hurt feelings at that matter. She's not overly polite, nor very respectful, but she won't lie, if at least because she's very bad at it.
Wanda loathes those who never get to the point or tell huge tales of lies just to keep away from hurting some other cat, and often looses her temper at such behavior. She's not a timid cat, but an honest and self-confident, sometimes even arrogant one.
During latest times, maturing more, Wanda noticed a side to herself that wasn't there quite before - she can have quite the temper, and often she'll snap without thinking first when she gets annoyed by someone. And she gets annoyed more easily now than before, that's for sure. She's going to be quite the cranky elder someday <3

adventurous || Wanda is the type of girl that's always up for do or dare, she loves challenges and gets insufferable when underutilized. You can perfectly get her to do any shit stuff with you, no matter how dangerous it is or how much trouble she'll get into at her return. She truly lives for the moment.
This she-cat is always up for a little adventure, hyper active as she is she can never sit still and always pokes her nose into every rabbit hole or around every corner she can find, in search for something exciting. Boredom is something Wanda can't stand and she's rather be yelled at for breaking a rule than spending an entire day doing absolutely nothing - call it stupid, suicidal or brave - she'll never shrink back from any challenge.

curious || Curiosity killed the cat - how many times did Wanda hear that only during the short time she's now in Shadow Tribe, and countless times before she joined them.
Wanda seems to have to stick her nose into every possible situation that's none of her business and she can be overly intrusive when she really wants to know a thing. You can hardly at all keep a secret from her, because she always finds a way to get the information she wants. Yes, she knows very well that this will get her into huge trouble eventually, but she doesn't seem up to change something about it, anyway.

{ Habits }

• All year, but especially in the colder seasons, Wanda has the bad habit of drinking far too less. She only really goes to take a drink when it's absolutely necessary, and not rarely she's found suffering mild symptoms of dehydration.

• Wanda has developed the habit of staring into her companion's eyes directly - that can be intimidating, yet for her it's easiest to see their reasons, and she feels like this she can detect upcoming emotions most easily.

• Wanda loves taking a run in the early morning. She is generally, because of her compact build, better at long distances than sprint.

{ Fun Facts }

• Wanda is often found sleeping stretched out on her belly instead of curled up on herself

• She takes more time washing her bracelets and ribbon than she does grooming herself.

• Wanda is afraid of electricity. Be it lightning bolts - or Primary-powered Air Tribers. She's generally very careful around Air Tribe cats, especially if she can't be sure they're Secondary.
No one knows where this fear came from, she never had a bad experience with it, it just seems to be like a phobia.

{ Sexual Information } [ Orientation | Status ]

Orientation || Bisexual (equal interest in both genders)

Status || Open, semi-interested

{ Relationship Tracker }


{ Backstory } [ How it all began | A lonely Flame | Meeting the Migration ]

How it all began || In the beginning there was a she-cat named Haley, a young Snowshoe mix, and a descendant of the Golden Butterfly's fellows. She is what Wanda's entire story starts with.
Her mate's name was Kshe, not an exile but a loner, while she was marked as a Black-Air. They weren't together for a long time.

Haley had been on a journey to find an own territory for herself, when she met Kshe. The charming tom seemed like everything she'd ever been waiting for throughout her life, and together they found a territory, maybe 1 km² large, nothing special, just someplace safe for their litter.

It was Kshe's sister Aria who came to beg for help after a fox had gotten her homeless and her own mate dead. And Kshe went with her to help, promising to be back soon, but he never did return. Forever, Haley waited.
Until her kits were due.

During a stormy night were four kittens born, three toms and one she-kit, with the names of Myo, Coal and Rock, and Azure. The young she-kit's eyes were an icy blue, but as she first opened them showed that they held a disability. Azure was unable to see color. She wasn't blind, outlines and shades were easy like for any other cat, but colors she couldn't make out.

Now, when the four reached their sixth moon, all of them were marked as descendants of the tribes - all three toms got the Gray-Water tattoo, while Azure was marked as a Black-Fire.

A lonely Flame || First, Haley was speechless of joy seeing all three of her sons to go to the same tribe, to not be alone ever again, while her daughter was insecure about being the only one who was marked by the Fire Spirit.
But soon her nervousness about this topic calmed down, when neither her mother nor her siblings treated her any different than before.

Yet, not a long time after their sixth moon, Haley promised them to follow the exiles back towards Tribe territory - the she-cat herself was looking for the mate who was her litter's father, the tom Kshe, who'd left a while ago.
As soon as the kittens were ready to travel, they set off, towards the Tribe territory, in search of Haley's mate.

They couldn't find a whisker inside the small territory Haley had marked as her own, and so they set off south, on the long journey that the exiled had taken on seven moons ago.
During the travelling time, Azure got closer and closer to her brothers and emotionally drifted away from her mother, until she almost seemed to be invisible to the young she-cat. They never had to fight for their food as the lands they travelled through had no one to lay claim on them, and there was enough water.

It could have been a good adventure, a nice journey, if not for Haley's desperate feelings and the fear that nagged her belly. Azure tried to ask her what was happening to her, but Haley didn't tell her. She hadn't seen her mate in moons and she was afraid to never find him, having already long left the places she's last met him in.

Coal, Myo and Rock were excited to start a new life in their Water Tribe, but Azure wasn't as happy - she was afraid of joining Fire Tribe all on her own, her brothers in Water, her mother in Air. Haley tried to comfort her, telling her that she wasn't the first kit to go through this, but it wouldn't help, however hard she tried.
Eventually, the family reached a gang of exiled cats who'd stayed behind, and some loners who'd joined them over the time. Gladly Haley joined their ranks, happy to have her kits somewhere they were cared for better than on the rough open landscape without a real home.

The journey to the Tribes was long, and when they reached the exiles' camp, Haley told her offspring to give up, that they must be on the wrong way, that the Tribes' territory would have to be here by now, to just stay there.
And they did.

The four kits fit well into that clan, growing up over moons amongst them, and they were closer than ever. They spent their days playing, their nights sleeping, and everything seemed wonderful except for one thing - less and less their mother showed up, often she'd just come to meet her kits to say good night. She seemed off in her thoughts and none of her children got through to her. Azure never cared much, as she'd disconnected from her mother in a lot of ways already, so she could easily go on as normally.
Until Haley left.

One morning, she was gone, and she never returned back there, no cat able to follow her tracks, no one had seen a whisker of her leaving.
Until today Azure's sure her mother must've left in further search of her mate, unable to give up hope, even though she'd been so sure not to find him. He wasn't an ex Triber but a rogue, so maybe he'd just moved.

Azure had drifted from her mom, but after her loss, the young she-cat seemed to close up towards her brothers, and it took a few weeks until she moved back to a rather normal state. She missed Haley, and more than she'd ever thought possible. Plus, Azure felt loathe rise, especially seeing her brothers, helpless and fearful, who grieved for their momma a lot more than she did. That's where the feeling of betrayal towards her lost mother comes from. Azure always felt she had to protect her siblings, rather than the other way around.

But while she grew more and more restless and uneasy amongst the loners, Rock and Coal both got deeply attatched to these cats, and were adopted into the group almost like a litter born in there. Azure was more or less left outside, on purpose never taking part in games or anything that brought the cats closer, and preferrably doing her own thing. So her two brothers became a litter on their own, and Azure sat on the hilltop, staring towards the horizon and waiting for a change of air.

Meeting the Migration || And then many, many cats crossed their path, so many of them, all six tribes, on a migration north - and Azure joined them on the way back to where she'd come from.

Coal, Myo and Rock had all found their family in the loner group and they refused to leave, no matter how hard their sister tried to persuade them. But she couldn't stay here, however she'd once feared joining Fire Tribe alone, she couldn't let them go without following. She felt the exitement making her paws twitch when she thought about going with them.

Azure had found the way she was supposed to walk, at least that’s what she hopes until now. This was what she'd longed for during the nights she'd spent outside the group.
And so she went back with them and settled into their new land by their side, to become a Guard, soon finding her way back to her old adventurous and childish self. She still misses her brothers, she still didn't forgive her mother, but at least she's found a place worth to be called a home.

The following six moons, Azure, who now took on the name of Wanda walked the territories of the Tribes with caution, still not feeling fond of her Tribemates, nor her new home. With time passing, she managed to integrate herself, and slowly she felt the bond form, which showed her clearly that this was now her real home.

She missed her brothers greatly - when she was out with the Green-Air Sorrel (»Maroon« to her) she constantly felt reminded of them. When she met the Green-Water Mikah (»Storm«) she even thought he was Coal at first sight. The large tomcat indeed looked similiar to her lost brother, but of course that was impossible. Wanda took her time to get over the loss of her family.
By the time she reached the age of 18 moons, her tattoo color shifted to full Orange, now marking her as an adult. Wanda took this as a sign - this was where she belonged. Finally she stopped constantly remembering her family, and instead looked out for the future, with her new-won friends beside her: the Pink-Orange-Water Tuari (»Cricket«), Sorrel, her Tribemate Akarui, as well as the Orange-Air Zenobia who she only reluctantly gave her trust, because of her Primary Air power.
Wanda is ready for what will come.

Bonds || With weeks passing, Wanda gradually grew closer to Cricket, who revealed her true name Tuari to her, whilst Wanda in return gave her friend her own spirit name, and by now she pretty much considers her her best friend - at the same time she never met Maroon a second time so she somewhat lost sight of her Green-Air buddy.
This was when the bog monsters started roaming the territories. Caimans were large, vicious animals, which she was to discover during a second meeting with Storm, who she developed quite a fondness of at that day, even somewhat a crush, although she's not fully aware of her feelings personally.

At the beginning of autumn Wanda caught Tuari as she was sneaking out from the territories at night, and after some soft pressure the Orange-Water confessed that she was going to leave the Tribes. Wanda was shocked. Her best friend? Leaving? It didn't take all that long to convince her to stay, though - especially by describing her own past situation to her. Yes, Wanda had considered rejoining her parents herself, but... this life had gotten too much hold of her by now, and so had the friendships and other bonds she'd formed since she'd picked up living it. And the thought to lose her currently closest friend hurt too much, too much to ensure Wanda herself might not have ended up following her back into exile if she hadn't been able to convince Tuari. Fortunately, she had.

Shortly after, yet another revelation about Tuari caught the Orange-Fire entirely off-guard: The Yellow-Water, Sterling, had fallen victim to the caimans, and as if that hadn't been enough to toss around in your head, her successor was chosen by the Water Spirit to be no one else but Tuari! At first, learning about her friend now being the Water Tribe deputy left her feeling as if she'd fallen into cold water, until she was reassured that she was still good enough to be her best friend, that still the same bond was between them that got her to call the Yellow-Water her best friend. But was it just that? Wanda wouldn't know at the time.

{ Family } [ Name | Gender | Rank | Status ]

[ Haley | Female | Exile | Missing ]

[ Kshe | Male | Exile | Unknown ]

[ Coal | Male | Exile | Unknown ]
[ Rock | Male | Exile | Unknown ]
[ Myo | Male | Exile | Unknown ]




Nieces / Nephews

[ Mikah | Male | Green-Water | Alive | ~Jaewolfeh22z ]
[ Tuari | Female | Yellow-Water | Alive | =Timebleeder ] < unaware of



Best Friend(s)
[ Tuari | Female | Yellow-Water | Alive | =Timebleeder ]


{ Plotting }

Outdoor Trip to Nowhere

Description || Wanda goes off with 1-3 cats to find the Tribes' old home on the southern side of the hills. [ Possible Addition: They don't get very far, because one of them gets hurt and needs to be taken care of by a healer ] Can lead to anything.

Requirements || 1-3 cats, any Gender, preferrably Adolescent or Adult, any Tribe ( at least 1 healer )

Status || All open

{ Roleplay Availability } [ Notes | Skype | Chats | Comments ]

Notes || One of my preferred ways to roleplay, but it may take a day or two for me to reply, longer if time's busy. You shouldn't take that personally ^^ You can almost always shoot me a note and I'll get to it as soon as a spot on my rp list gets free ouo

Skype || Yes, I do have a skype. I reserve this way of RPing for friends, tho. Simply because I prefer having my contact list rather clear of dA people ^v^

Chats || I like to do them when it's about 3-5 people, but please not with any more than that. I also do 2-partner chat rp's but not as frequently. However, if you'd like to meet up in chats with me, just go ahead and ask me via note / comment c:

Comments || Don't do those, sorry about that ;u;

{ Roleplay Tracker } [ Notes | Skype | Chats ]

Current Active Roleplays: 15 / 15

Notes ||

• Mikah | ~Jaewolfeh22z

• Zenobia | =eliza1star

• Kakoora | *KalinaChan

• Demitri | ~StormiDay

• Kitus | ~Equidae-Dream

• Aeiro | ~Ty-DySplat

Skype ||

• Sojir | ~3Tawnystripe

• Maika | *Tzurai

• Firo | *Sycophantism

• Kehri | =crazy-hat

• Palette | :devbayflightstudios

• Algernon | ~SilvahSquirtle

• Sooka | ~ShhItsDark

• Kena | =DetectiveFoxwood

Chats ||

• Jazlyn / Akida | *FrostheartIsSiamese / *Treaimas

{ Roleplay Sample } (from a former try-out for TGB)

Night lay upon the lands and made the world look dark and dull. A thin moon shone and the stars were covered by small tufts of cloud drifting across the jet-black skies.
The crescent could sparely light the rolling hills below, embedding a small clearing. On three sides hidden by thorn bushes, it was empty, but from the smooth gray stone wall keeping the one end of it where the ground fell steeply, a soft snoring and the breathing filled the starry cold night air.
No breeze stirred it and except for the soothing sounds of sleeping felines, the world lay silent.
On the upper edge of the cliff, something moved in the shadows.
An owl sent its low call waving across the landscape, not stealing the magical from this scenario but only strengthening it.
The shape on the edge sat down and didn't move. Soft breathing betrayed its presence to any creature that wanted to find it, and a low sigh sent a tiny ripple through the unmoving air.
Among the leaves something rustled, and then moved away hastily, before the sound eased and died away.
Night was quiet once more.
The cat that sat on the cliff looked down into the hollow, his tail-stump resting on the ground beside his haunches instead of being curled neatly around his forepaws.
Green eyes strained to make out something in the dark but even for a cat's gaze the shadows were too deep to reach all through.

Lotus thought about his mother, and his own purposes.
Cora had left without a word two days ago, and since then he sat here at night and watched and desperately tried to pick up the sound of her soft paw steps returning to her children.
The owl above him in the branches, called again and he enjoyed the proof that it was night and everyone was sleeping and didn't care about him wandering around up here, lost in thoughts, lost inside himself.
Cora had left without a word. Without a word. Without good-bye, without any sort of farewell to him and his sister, she'd just gone with a very deep, very sad look in her eyes.
Lost inside herself, as much as he was now.
Lotus blinked as he thought to see something moving among the shadows uncurling along the thorn ranks that covered the opposite edge of the clearing. He pricked his ears, straining to listen, and his eyes grew wide, pupils round to not let any dot of moonlight escape. He sat, and waited.


{ Own Memes } [ Active Tattoo | Hypokits | Voice Actor | Valentine | Genderbent | Dirty Little Secret | Expressions | Creatures ]

Active Tattoo ||…

Hypokits ||…

Voice Actor || N/A

Valentine ||…

Genderbent || N/A

Dirty Little Secret || N/A

Expressions || N/A

Creatures || N/A

{ Others' Memes } [ Heart Charts | Valentine | Hypokits ]

Heart Charts || Drew:… | Kakoora:… | Zenobia:…

Valentine || Farox: sophisticated-cat.deviantart.c…

Hypokits || N/A

{ Artwork } [ Done by myself | Done by others ]

Done by myself ||… |…

Done by others || ~SilvahSquirtle: the-golden-butterfly.deviantar… | *arwogin:… | ~HauntedMuck:… | ~Ty-DySplat:… | =eliza1star:…

{ Literature } N/A
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